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Christmas teddy bear delivery

By: KumarD

Teddy Bear Christmas Giveaway

Here at WGTS 91.9 we strive to serve, to be generous and to love others. Every year the general manager of WGTS 91.9, Kevin Krueger, opens the doors of his home for the WGTS staff and families to come together for a Christmas celebration. We fellowship with one another and celebrate all the blessings God has given us. One of our favorite traditions during our time together is stuffing the WGTS 91.9 teddy bears.

As we go about stuffing these teddy bears, we think of all the smiling faces of the children at the Pediatrics Floor in Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center. The in-patient children range from newborns to adolescents. Most of these children stay at the medical center during the holidays due to their illnesses. Although a teddy bear does not bring physical healing or a chance to go home for the holiday, it is a reminder to the child and parents that they are loved and there is always hope. This experience brings joy to our team.

If you are interested in sharing a little hope with children at the Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center, you may view the Pediatric Wish List on their website. You may also join our team in serving like this in the future.

WGTS 91.9 is always looking for people who would like to join our Hands and Heart team. The Hands and Heart team consists of people who are ready to volunteer by serving the community.